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Verification, Compliance & Partnership Discovery

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Since its depictions as the modern Wild West, the cannabis industry has transformed into an integral part of society. But while many legitimate cannabis enterprises conduct business with utmost professionalism, others fail to comply with ever-changing rules, regulations, and requirements.

That’s where CanojaVerify comes in.

This automated and cloud-enabled platform serves as a cannabis license aggregation service. Put simply, CanojaVerify is the solution you need to verify business legitimacy and compliance of your own business as well as any potential partner businesses. With CanojaVerify, you can conduct business with confidence in every state, territory, and some countries.

CanojaVerify gives you the data and information you need to drive productivity and performance through free access and three payment models:

Free Access

These exploratory searches reveal the latest cannabis license data in all legal states, territories, and some countries. It’s all yours at No Cost.

Basic Subscription

Enhanced license search with custom, fully downloadable reports in CSV/PDF format. Only pay for the information you need (Pay Per Record Access Fee).

Premium Subscription

Custom reporting and filtering at your fingertips. Access our comprehensive solution at any time from anywhere.

Enterprise Subscription

Our enterprise subscription gives you direct access to our API for custom queries and clean, on-demand data in multiple formats.

How CanojaVerify Enhances Your Cannabis Business:

Verify Legal Compliance

Quickly and easily look up licensing data and verify the legitimacy of your potential partners while distributor validate client compliance.

Discover New Clients & Target Audiences

By identifying which businesses are licensed and compliant, you have access to a list of potential clients and partners. With the info delivered through CanojaVerify, you can discover new audiences.

Get Information How You Want It

Our flexible technology gives you control over data formats. Access Ad Hoc reports, APIs, and more.

Low Cost & Easy Integration

Neither our AI nor algorithms require manual intervention. That means we can help you find license and compliance info, allowing you to secure legal procurement activities at low cost and with easy integration.

Added Point of Sale Appeal

Use the information included in our solution to add new source fields to your point of sale systems.

Inform Business Decisions

Don’t get stuck because you don’t know about licensing requirements or business compliance. Drive your business forward with confidence because you have relevant data at your fingertips.

Canoja Technologies set out with the mission to make cannabis procurement easy to source, verify, and trade in a controlled and legal environment. It’s our vision to elevate the entire cannabis industry to new levels of sophistication and acceptance, and we strive to do so through the Canoja Marketplace.

Powered by the CanojaVerify license verification API, Canoja is a compliance-driven marketplace through which premier cannabis businesses can identify potential partners that are licensed, compliant, and verified.

Canoja Marketplace users enjoy:

  • No cost to buyers
  • No commission accounts
  • Flat-fee pricing for sellers
  • Optional memberships for ancillary goods and services

Yet the benefits don’t stop there…

How Canoja Enhances Your Cannabis Business

After finding the ideal partnership opportunity for your business, use the Canoja platform to negotiate the best distribution terms available without being bound by unfavorable contracts.

The cloud-enabled Canoja cannabis marketplace is the one-of-a-kind resource used to connect your with licensed and verified…

  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers

Broad & Secure

This solution includes a comprehensive list of licensed, verified, and complaint businesses, you can transact securely with the broadest population of buyers.

Benefits for

Through the Canoja Marketplace, cultivators avoid being locked into the distributor model. Set your own margins and transact on your own terms.

Benefits for

Buyers can finally access a virtually endless cannabis marketplace. Source a vast range of cannabis products and get them sent directly to your door.

* Canoja Marketplace is set to launch in 2022.

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