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Why choose Canoja Technologies?

You don’t need an IT department when you have Canoja.
We provide best-in-class IT solutions, connect your business to the data, information, and verified partnership opportunities you need to achieve the growth you crave.

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What do we do?

We pair legal cannabis operations with an industry-defining data lake so you can:

  • Verify business legitimacy
  • Identify ideal clients and target audiences
  • Validate client and distributor compliance and licensing
  • Ensure compliance throughout your business operations on a local or state level
  • Find the perfect (and compliant) distributor, wholesaler, manufacturer, or retail partners


Committed to Elevating the Cannabis Industry

Armed with expertise in the areas of information technology, financial analysis, data aggregation, and cloud enablement, Canoja Technologies is uniquely equipped to service all facets of the cannabis industry.

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