Louisiana Cannabis License Guidelines

Louisiana Department of Health

Licensing and Enforcement Criteria

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) has regulatory authority over Louisiana’s medical (therapeutic) marijuana program. LDH personnel are responsible for conducting inspections of medical marijuana production facilities and reviewing finished product test results to verify compliance with the requirements of La. R.S. 40: 1046.

No pharmacy authorized to dispense marijuana for therapeutic use in accordance with the provisions of this Section shall dispense raw or crude marijuana to any person under twenty-one years of age without a recommendation from an authorized clinician specifically recommending marijuana in raw or crude form for that person.

If a marijuana pharmacy licensee declines to open a second satellite location, then the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy may issue, pursuant to provisions, an additional marijuana pharmacy license in that region to open one marijuana pharmacy location in lieu of the original licensee’s second satellite location in that region.

Louisiana Cannabis Law & Compliance

Several laws and ordinances regulate the Louisiana medical cannabis industry, as well as the many different steps in the supply chain. These laws range over dispositions for cultivators, manufacturers, distributors and retail dispensaries. The most recent news can be found on these websites:


Is it currently legal to grow medical marijuana in Louisiana?

No. Louisiana is a medical marijuana only state.  Only licensed production facilities will be allowed to grow medical marijuana under Louisiana law.

Who has the license to grow and cultivate medical marijuana and their contact information?

Louisiana State University Agricultural Center – (225) 578-4161
Southern University Agricultural Center – (225) 771-2734

Who does the growing for the Ag Center and their contact information?

LSU Ag Center’s subcontractor – Wellcana Group, LLC (225) 408-7405
SU Ag Center’s subcontractor – Ilera Holistic Healthcare (225) 239-2592

I would like to apply for a license permit. How do I proceed?

The legislature has only authorized Louisiana State University Agricultural Center and Southern University Agricultural Center to be licensed to grow medical marijuana. Please contact the Board of Pharmacy regarding being licensed to dispense medical marijuana.

How can I get a recommendation to receive medical marijuana?

Any physician licensed by and in good standing with the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners to practice medicine in Louisiana may recommend medical marijuana to any patient suffering from a debilitating medical condition with whom he shares a bona fide doctor-patient relationship. Please contact the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners.

How many pharmacies were appointed by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy to distribute medical marijuana?

Nine (9) licensed pharmacies were appointed by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy. May be subject to change. Please contact the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy for more information.

Louisiana Cannabis License Types

As of Dec 31, 2021 Louisiana has two cultivation, two processing licenses active, and 9 dispensaries licenses.  If supply cannot keep up with the increasing number of patients each year additional licenses will be looked at to be released.


The LDAF oversees the Cultivation/Production process of the medical cannabis industry. Currently, only the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center (LSU AgCenter) and Southern University Agricultural Center (SU AgCenter) are licensed to grow cannabis legally in Louisiana.


The LDAF oversees the Processing/Manufacturing process of the medical cannabis industry. Licenses to grow and manufacture medical marijuana in Louisiana are limited to only LSU AgCenter and SU AgCenter by state law.

Lab Testing

The LDAF oversees the Lab Testing of all its grows and processing centers through the Ag Chemistry Lab. The LDAF regulates the growing of medical marijuana plants. The plants are then extracted, manufactured, and tested. When the final production batch passes all tests and is deemed free of contaminants, the product will be distributed to the nine (9) medical marijuana pharmacies regulated by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy.


The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy oversees the sale of medical cannabis to patients with a valid medical card. Currently there are no licenses available through the state of Louisiana.


No additional license is required for transportation. The transportation of cannabis is done under the license of either the cultivation center, processing plant, lab, or dispensary.

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