Canoja Technologies is a minority and veteran owned and staffed team composed of Financial and Technology Professionals with over 60 years of experience delivering best in class solutions. United by a passion for the potential of the legal Cannabis business, their goal is to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology solutions that bridge the gaps and enhance organizational productivity and compliance.

Rich Campbell

Profession: CEO/Founder
Location: Suwanee, Georgia

For over 30 years, Rich has been THE go-to guy for companies looking to achieve maximum operational impacts- especially when it comes to guiding service delivery for emerging technologies. Having achieved a level of technical experience where engineers turn to you to understand the impacts of branches and code merges or directing releases into controlled environments, means Canoja’s guidance is in the right hands.

High growth companies have relied on Rich’s talent for driving and coordinating agile transformation for IT Delivery and Driving Results, which translate into revenue growth. He has been responsible for the 24/7 global availability of corporate operations, service delivery and cloud infrastructure.

A distinguished executive manager always seeking out newest technologies and other methodologies to enhance operational impacts is why he has been a much sought after consultant for infrastructure development, project management, and release management.

Rich has been praised throughout his career for his ability to build consensus across multiple organizational levels while establishing solid relationships with clients and stakeholders. Skilled at marketing and able to forge strategic partnerships are the benchmarks of a true leader and visionary who will greatly help Canoja achieve market share.

Isi Lawson

Profession: CTO/Founder
Location: Duluth, Georgia

When thinking about the appropriate managing partner for Canoja Technologies it was more than simple experience or career longevity that mattered. Character and vision were the requisites, and that’s where Isi comes in.

Having almost 30 years of experience in building and scaling engagement models with 15 years of that experience in significant leadership positions. Being a key Senior Solutions Architect is one thing. Having the quality of your work and leadership skills result in the assignment to the Public Sector Department of Defense Solutions Architecture team is a whole different level. Being entrusted with the security clearance to provide technical design and architecture guidance for U.S., Army and U.S. Air Force customers, speaks volumes to the level of integrity Isi brings to Canoja Technologies.

During his almost 30 year career, Isi has been a much sought after lecturer and a prolific writer having contributed dozens of articles and white papers to key industry journals helping pave the way for the next generation of technology architects and future leaders.

These levels of skills and trust are the backbone of Canoja Solutions.

Myles Campbell

Profession: Director, Finance
Location: Smyrna, Georgia

As Captain of Georgia Southern’s football team and a distinguished member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Myles displayed leadership both on and off the field. He was a mentor to younger players and lauded by his peers for his humility, discipline, and attention to detail.

This work ethic has carried over into the exacting field of accounting and financial management. At Trident Trust Fund Services, he performed the meticulous monthly reconciliations for hedge funds, ensuring the accuracy of net asset values. He was also responsible for monthly trade confirmations, corporate actions, dividend payouts, and the accuracy of the subscription documents.

As a Financial Real Estate Advisors, his responsibilities and knowledge base were broadened, as he oversaw all initial investment funding and investment onboarding, as well as monitoring the monthly cash flow, asset, and liability performances.

This level of meticulous detail will ensure exacting standards for Canoja Technologies’ finances.

Adam Midkiff

Profession: Director, Data Acquisition
Location: Denver, Colorado

Too often in the corporate world, it appears that true leaders lack compassion and empathy. Adam is the absolute exception to the rule. A distinguished veteran of the United States Air Force, he served as a medical technician in Afghanistan and Iraq, where he provided medical care to allied fighting forces. He was instrumental in running an Afghani hospital and halting the selling of valuable medicines on the black market.

Working under pressure is not an issue after having done a tour at the Balad Emergency room in Iraq; the busiest trauma center in the country. Through his efforts, they achieved an unheard of 98% survival rate.

He stepped aside from a promising corporate career upon his honorable discharge, to provide care for ailing family members, and now is poised to infuse his leadership and compassion to Canoja Technologies.

Tyler Campbell

Profession: Director, Marketing
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

When it comes to leadership and a committed team player, who better to turn to than Tyler? He received honors recognition from the United States Military Academy, before transferring to Elon University to pursue his finance and marketing degree, as well as leading the university’s football team as Captain.

As a Data consultant, he has demonstrated a strong understanding of client’s workflows. He has maintained a keen eye towards uncovering internal inefficiencies and process optimization. The result? Discovering the best engineering fixes to streamline and deliver research and analysis.

Relationship and team building has been second nature for Tyler. A leader on the football field and in his community, he has taken those skills and built upon them in his professional career, having been praised for his natural leadership ability and his relationship building which will well serve Canoja Technologies’ clients.