How CanojaFlow Can

Enhance Management of Your Cannabis Authority License Data:

Far too few governments and public entities have a standardized and integrated workflow engine. Instead, they rely on slow and siloed internal systems or workflow solutions that have been repurposed from unrelated industries. Due to cannabis regulation occurring at the state and in some instances, local level, the lack of an integrated system between all parties can lead to errors, delays, and massive inefficiencies.

  • CanojaFlow is specifically architected for licensing authorities in the cannabis industry
  • CanojaFlow allows government authorities the manage license data in realtime using our state of the art license engine workflow
  • CanojaFlow is a customizable/SaaS solution to automate your license application process and administration
  • If you’re just starting your government licensing program, CanojaFlow can smooth out the rough edges and get you up and running with little to no down time

Common Application Steps

Below are three common application steps when applying for a cannabis business license.

For more information regarding each state’s application process, please visit our Solutions Page.

Step 1: Management Team

A business’ primary contact person should be the one to fill out the license application.

  • This will be the contact for any questions regarding the business’ application and, usually, licensing authorities will only be able to discuss the application with this person or an owner of the business.

All business owners, as defined by the state, must be listed for each license application.

  • An owner may be defined as a person satisfying the states’ minimum % ownership interest, executive officers, board members, or an individual participating in the direction, control, or management of the business.


Step 2: Business Process

Applicants will need to provide specific information regarding their business including but not limited to:

  • Legal Business Name
  • FEIN
  • Business Type
  • Business Size
  • Organizational Structure
  • Declarations (as defined by state)

Step 3: Location

Each applicant is required to provide the business premises address of the business requesting the license. Applicants also must provide a business mailing address if it is different than the premises address.

  • Additional location information may be required based on state declarations.

Generally Available Now

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Features and Capabilities

Application Intake

  • Plant-Touch
  • Infected Patient
  • Budtenders
  • Practitioners
  • Ancillary

Renewal Intake

  • Plant-Touch
  • Infected Patient
  • Budtenders
  • Practitioners
  • Ancillary

Payment Processing

  • Optional Feature with Partner Merchant

License Authority Backoffice

  • Application Queues
  • Status and Stage
  • Guided Workflow Steps

State - Local Authority Data Sharing Portal

  • Input and Output Compliance Sharing

CanojaVerify Data Lake Ingestion

  • License History Data

License User Profile/Controls/Dashboard

  • Status Updates
  • Authority Notifications/Request
  • Outstanding Task

Authority User Profile/Controls/Dashboard

  • Status Updates
  • License User Notifications/Request
  • Outstanding Task


Automated City and State Tax Lookup

License GIS Locator

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